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TopElles Hair is one of the leading wholesalers of high-end human hair replacement products. We focus on manufacturing all our products to the highest quality and providing a professional service to our clients. Especially human hair wig collection, we believe in helping people who have been impacted by baldness or hair loss change their lives. Women’s hair replacement systems are of course becoming more and more of a fashion statement these days so if you just want to wear one of our hairpieces for fashion purposes then we are certain we will have what you are looking for. In designing wigs for clients, our team of experts can help, get the specifics from the hair treatment specified, to the color and length as well as to the cut and style of the hair. Lace-font, silk top, or monofilament bases make a human hair wig that’s durable, cleanable, and style-ready to make a hairline look natural and undetectable. Hair loss is hard enough, but a beautiful wig (or two, or even three) can brighten the day.

Brynn | Human Hair | Luxe Bob Lace Top Wigs Factory

Tinsley | Remy Human Hair | Lace Top Wigs Wholesale

Sandy | Human Hair | Luxury Lace Top Wigs Wholesale

In Stock | Darcy | Human Hair | Wholesale Lace Top Wig Vendors

In Stock | Hallie | Human Hair | Lace Top Wigs Supplier

In Stock | Whitley | Human Hair | Wholesale Lace Top Wigs

Natural Brown | Human Hair | Wholesale Lace Front Wig

Ayla | Remy Human Hair | Lace Front Wigs Wholesale Suppliers

In Stock | 18'' Natural Brown | Human Hair | Lace Top Pony Wig

Elaina | Human Hair | Wholesale Monofilament Wig | Hand Tied

In Stock | 18'' Whitley | Remy Human Hair | Lace Top Pony Wig

Elsa | Human Hair | Monofilament Wig Factory| Hand Tied


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