2021.11.15 | About Hair

How To Identify Human Hair And Synthetic Fiber?

What is your biggest concern when you purchase a human hair product like a wig or topper or extensions? As far as we know, the biggest concern of our customers before they buy is "is it a real human hair product?" and "how will I be able to tell if they m

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2021.09.13 | About Hair

How To Dye A Human Hair Wig?

A human hair wig although comes at quite an expensive price tag, it is still much more preferred by most ladies over synthetic wigs primarily because of the best quality, looks more natural and long lasting. Using a human hair wig allows the user to dye t

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2021.08.23 | About Hair

4 Things You Need To Know About Human Hair Products

Human hair topper and wig maintenance are some of the main things that people who wear alternative hair are concerned about. As human hair is much more expensive than synthetic fiber, taking good care of human hair wigs and toppers will increase their lif

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2021.05.06 | About Hair

What’s The Difference Between Virgin Human Hair And Remy Human Hair?

VIRGIN REMY HAIR The best type of hair is virgin. When hair is harvested from a donor, the cuticles remain intact to protect the hair from damage. Virgin hair is the hair that has never been...

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