Human Hair Toppers


TopElles® is the professional wholesale hair toppers manufacturers over 20 years . We offer you the best human hair toppers handcrafted with 100% Premium human hair. Our premium collection offers you are variety of base sizes, colors and lengths to make choosing the most natural hair piece for thinning hair a positive and confidence-boosting experience.

7x8'' Rooted Platinum Blonde | Human Hair | Silk Wefted Topper

Lexie 6x7" | Human Hair | Ponytail Toppers Manufacturer

5.5x6.5" Eliza | Human Hair | Silk Wefted Topper Supplier

Kylie 8x8" | Human Hair | Silk Base Lace Toppers Supplier

7x8'' Golden Blonde | Curly Human Hair | Silk Wefted Topper

Charlie 9x9" | Human Hair | Silk Wefted Toppers Wholesale

8x8'' Jessica | Human Hair Long Layer| Silk Wefted Topper

Lainey 10x10" | Whoppers Human Hair | Lace Toppers Factory

6x7'' Brunettes | Remy Human Hair | Silk Base Wefted Topper

Haisley 10x10" | Human Hair | Wholesale Monofilament Toppers

6x7'' Ash Brown | Remy Hair | Silk Wefted Topper | Lace Front

In Stock | 7x8'' Rooted Light Blonde | Silk Base Wefted Topper


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