Factory Direct One-Stop Human Hair
Extensions, Toppers and Wigs Manufacturer.


Topelles’s Story

TopElles® Hair is one of the leading wholesalers of high-end human hair replacement products. We focus on manufacturing all our products to the highest quality and providing a professional service to our clients.

With the business having grown for over 20 years, TopElles® Hair is proud to have become one of the leading high-end hair system manufacturers and wholesale wig factories. With more than 2 decades of experience in export trade, our products have proved popular worldwide but particularly so in North and South America, Europe , Australia, and Middle East.

As the professional supplier of the top quality human hair, TopElles® provides various products including women’s wigs, toppers, men’s toupees, and hair extensions on a long-term basis. We cater to both large and small wholesalers, online shop owners, salon owners, hair stylists, and regional wig and toupee distributors. We sincerely invite you to choose TopElles Hair as your trusted partner in expanding your market presence and enhancing profitability.


Quality Management, Ensure The Consistency Of Product And Service

As we embark on 20 years of expertise as global leaders in the hair industry, our customers are our top priority and we are thoroughly committed to providing high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

01. Excellence in Quality Control

As a hair manufacturer, TopElles® has full control over our in-house production process, from the raw hair material to the production process and the finishing of hair systems. We ensure all hairpieces are made according to your client’s exact needs and are natural looking, comfortable and tangle free.

02. Stable Supply

We have 100+ skilled technicians working in our factory and 800+ ventilation workers who knot more than 21,000 pcs of stock and custom made hair systems every single month. We have many types of hair system in our factory, both stock and custom hair pieces are available. No matter your client's needs, you will find a solution here.

03. One-Stop Solution

No matter your customers’ needs, you can find the ideal solution right here; including stock toppers/wigs, custom hair systems, bulk orders and our bespoke repair and duplicate service. As a hair manufacturer, we work with you to find a solution that works well for you and your clients and save your sourcing time and cost.

04. Label & Package Customization

For wholesaler and distributors, we provide a label and packaging customization service to help our customers grow their hair replacement system brand. We understand the importance of our customers branding their hair pieces as we value a personalized service too! At TopElles® wholesale hair factory, our goal is to help your business succeed.


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