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At the preliminary stage, our hair experts will listen to your specific requirements & give you guidance on product selection or customization.


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Topelles offers a wide selection of custom options, including hair colors, lengths, styles and processing techniques to fit the different needs of your clients.


Rapid Sampling

Before mass production, we will offer you a sample that demonstrates the quality standard of your hair product. You can check the sample.


Package With Your Logo

We also provide a gift box or satin-silk velvet storage pouch as per your packaging & logo requirements, so you can showcase your products and your brand to your customers.


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Moreover, we maintain a strict delivery schedule as per your requirement to avoid potential delays.


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We value your time and business, so we promise to respond to every problem & question within 24 hours.


Q: What quality hair do you supply for the hair wigs/toppers/extensions?

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A: We're mainly supplying two kinds of hair material to your local market, one is the best quality Virgin Human Hair, which is cut directly from donors, only some thin and young hair selected, have a soft and silky feeling, can last to 12-18 months with good care, mainly for high-end market. Another is regular remy human hair, with also has good quality with competitive price, can last to 6-12 months, it’s good choice for middle market.

Q: Which hair ratio do you supply?

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A: The two popular ratio is double drawn and single drawn. The double drawn has very thick end, fuller looking almost without short hair. Single drawn is the most common hair for salons, though the end of which is less thick, the price of which is much cheaper, it's good choice for stylist to make different design.

Q: Can I redye the hair of toppers/wigs for my clients?

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A: If you ordered our basic hair color which is only bleached without chemical process, they can redyed to any other colors as per your clients demands, eg, balayage ,highlight ,platinum blond etc. If you ordered the custom hair color with chemical coloring process, you can darker the color, but cannot lighter it.

Q: What's the production time when I place the order?

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A: Stock items can be ship immediately, customized order and bulk order takes around 2-3 months, special time now, 3-4 months.

Q: What is your payment terms?

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A: Paypal, Western Union and Bank T/T are acceptable. Paypal is recommended for total amount less than $1000, Bank T/T is recommended for total amount more than $1000.

Q: How to choose the right hair colors for my clients?

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A: We suggest you to check our color chart or order one color ring from us and choose the right color, it’s okay for us to do custom order if you could provide your color swatch to us.

Q: Can I order the hair products with my own brand?

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A: Yes, we can do the customized package. Please send us your package design in PDF or just send us your logo and we’ll help you make the design by free.

Q: What’s your minimum order quantity?

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A: Sample order, one piece per color is acceptable. Bulk order, it should be 5 pieces each size and color.

Q: Can I get the discount when I order in bulk?

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A: Yes, we would like to give the discount to support you based on our wholesale price when you place bulk order.

Q: What are your different types of bases?

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A: The basic topper bases are LACE BASE, MONO BASE, and SILK BASE. Each base style has its own characteristics.The MONO and SILK bases are very popular for hair salons.

Q: Do you have any toppers in stock now?

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A: Yes, we have stock units ready to ship, which only take 5-7 days to delivery your door via DHL/FedEx express. Please contact with our sales consultants to get the fresh inventory.

Q: Can your toppers be colored?

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A: If you ordered our basic hair color which is only bleached without chemical process, they can redyed to any other colors as per your clients demands. If you ordered the custom hair color with chemical coloring process, you can darker the color, but can’t lighter it. Or take the natural black hair color which without bleached and chemical process, 100% unprocessed hair, you’re able to bleach and dye color again for your clients.

Q: Can I stock your hair toppers in my Salon?

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A: Sure, you can stock our hair toppers in your salon, to be out Online-shop distributors, and Branded wholesalers!

Q: Can your customize the hair toppers for my clients?

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A: Yes ,customize order is acceptable, production time depends on the base style and order details. By the way, please note that the customize orders are unable to refund or return back, because of the customization.

Q: How long is the delivery?

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A: Depends on your location, normally take 3-5 days to delivery your door via DHL/FedEx express.

Q: How long does hair toppers/wigs usually last?

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A: This hair can last for a long time depending on how you maintain it, the better you take care with them the longer they will last. If you take good care of your hair it is common for quality extensions to last up to 24 months. If not treat with respect they will need to be replaced every 3 to 6 months.

Q: What's the advantage and disadvantage of Bleached Knots?

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A: Bleaching the knots is just meant to make the knots less detectable. They can not be totally invisible and usually it’s better only done at the hairline and around perimeter. Too much bleached knots will damage hair quality and make hair root not strong enough and easy to shed.

Q: How to care the hair unit?

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A: Keep the hair clean. We suggest that you wash the hair at least once or twice a week with warm or cold water. Please wash the hair immediately after swimming, spa, exercise, and etc. Too much dirt and sweat will make hair easy to tangles. And too much hair care products will also cause hair to tangle faster.

Q: What Special attention to blond hair?

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A: Please be more careful with blonde and other light colored hair. They have been more processed than the dark hair, so treat them gently and don’t make any chemical process to them.

Q: Can I return the order?

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A: Yes, Within 7 days if you are not satisfied, or the color does not fit, you can send back for exchange.

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