Integration Fishnet Toppers


Hair integration systems, also called Hair Integration/fishnet toppers are a non-surgical alternative to hair loss. They blend seamlessly into the wearers natural hair and are unlike hair extensions. Pull through toppers for thinning hair provide wearers with endless possibilities and are especially popular amongst women. They are an ideal solution for people wanting to hide bald spot areas or thinning hair. They work by adding volume and length to the wearers’ natural hair. Not only will our hair mesh integration systems improve the look and feel of natural hair, they will do so without causing any damage! They are becoming increasingly popular because of their ease, versatility and style. And all mesh integration systems are made to match the exact hair texture, color and length of the wearers own hair, providing users with a truly undetectable finished look.

6x6'' Claire | Human Hair | Integration System Wholesale

6x6'' Claire | Human Hair | Integration Fishnet Topper

6x6'' Laiya | Human Hair | Integration Fishnet System

6x6'' Gianna | Human Hair | Integration Fishnet Topper


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