Monofilament Toppers


The Mono Hair Topper uses the transparent mesh fabric that can easily blend with the colour of your scalp. The mesh material makes the piece both a breathable and comfortable choice, and it is nearly undetectable against the hairline, though some prefer adding a lace front for a more natural looking growth pattern. The undetectable feature of the mono material gives you the ability to part where you want, and show off the most beautiful hairstyles. If you’re looking for a premiere experience, a monofilament topper can be perfect for your choice of toupee. Using TopElles Hair as a preferred supplier means short turnaround times to ship orders faster, high-quality materials, and top-shelf customer service to address all concerns.

In Stock | 7×7'' | Bleach Blonde | Human Hair | Mono Topper

In Stock | 7×7'' | Natural Black | Human Hair | Mono Topper

8x8' Camille | Human Hair | Mono Wefted Topper Wholesale

In Stock | 5x6.5" Golden Blonde | Remy Hair | Monofliament Topper

In Stock | 5x6.5'' Maren | Human Hair | Monofilament Topper

5x6.5'' Leila | Remy Human Hair | MonoTopper Wholesale

In Stock | Marilyn 5x6.5'' | Human Hair | Monofilament Topper

Chestnut Brown 5x6.5'' | Remy Hair | Monofilament Topper

In Stock | Elsa 3x5'' | Human Hair | Mono Topper for Wholesale

In Stock | Marilyn 3x5'' | Human Hair | Women's Mono Topper

Salt and Pepper | 3x5'' | Human Hair | Monofilament Topper

Salt and Pepper | 3x5'' | Human Hair | Mono Topper Wholesale


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