Silk Base Toppers


At TopElles Hair, we offer a range of silk base toppers. If you are looking for hairpieces that will be the best fit for your customers, then you’ll want to try out our silk base toppers. Silk Base Hair Toppers can give you the appearance of having a scalp that looks like your own. A Silk Base is the most realistic topper base on the market today. With a Silk Base, you don't need to hide or camouflage the knots when you part your topper! Despite the delicate appearance of silk, the material is strong and durable. With proper care, a silk base toppers can last anywhere from 9 months to 2 year without repairs or replacement!

5x5'' Natural Black| Remy Hair | Silk Base Topper

4x5'' Natural Black| Remy Hair | Silk Base Topper


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