Are 100% Hand-tied Wigs Worth The Hype?

2021.9.7 | Hair Wig

Before we think about whether a 100% hand-tied wig worth the hype, firstly we need to know what is a 100% hand-tied wig. A 100% hand-tied wig is also called full lace wig and always use human hair instead of synthetic fiber. To make a wig like this, the craftsman needs to tie each hair onto the mesh base one by one by hand for the whole lace cap and it usually takes about one week's time to finish all the hand-tie work.

Benefits of Full Lace Wigs:

Natural Looking

Compared to the traditional weft cap wigs, a full lace wig creates more natural looking. It just like your own hair growing out from your scalp and no one could even tell that it is a wig. Full lace wigs are high end product and the hair used to make it is also high quality remy human hair which is quite sleek and soft. All in all, the whole look that a full lace wig creates is the most natural.

Limitless styling options
With a full lace wig, you can make your parting anywhere you like because every single place of the cap is lace and looks just like your own scalp which produces a 360 degree styling versatility.
With the high quality remy human hair, you can dye it to a different color when you get bored with the same color and you can add curls, straighten it just like your own hair.

Superior Comfort
You might find the weft cap causing sweat, rashes and itchiness to your scalp from time to time while this will never happen with a full lace cap because the lace is super light and soft and brings you the most comfortable experience.

Lightweight and Breathable
A full lace wig is pretty light and totally breathable which makes it completely feasible to wear it in hot summer. When you are going through alopecia or some sort of hair loss and have to wear a wig, a full lace wig will be a good choice. It provides air circulation in the lace wig and keeps you head dry and ventilated all day.

Ideal choice for total hair loss and sensitive scalps
A 100% hand-tied wig, as the name suggests, is all hand-tied work. Thus it doesn't have those cotton threads on the inside of them, which are often found in machine sewed wigs. Many wig wearers cite these threads annoying and uncomfortable.

Usually a full lace human hair wig costs $700 to more than $1000 and can last more than one year. So rather than buying cheap wigs and returning them, you'd better choose a full lace wig that provides all the benefits and longer life. Considering all the hand-tied work and high quality lace and hair used and the benefits, it totally worth the hype.

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