2024.1.13 | Hair Wig

How to detangle a wig

Wigs are our first choice when we have any hair problem or just want to change our hairstyle for a new look. Just like our real hair hair, we often encounter a dilemma when it comes to taking care of it — hair tangles.

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2024.1.12 | Hair Wig

The Merits of Mono Cap Compared to Lace Cap

People who regularly use wig products may be familiar with Lace Wigs. In terms of cap structure, They are mainly divided into Front Lace Wigs and Full Lace Wigs.

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2024.1.9 | Hair Wig

Can You Wear A Wig While Going Gray?

Whether you want to try out the gray hair look or just don't have the patience to wait for gray hair to fully grow out. There's no reason why you can't use a wig to change or enhance your hairstyle during the natural graying process.

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2021.12.16 | Hair Wig

Why People With Hair Loss Should Try Wigs or Hair Toppers

Hair loss can mean going completely bald, partially losing hair, or experiencing hair thinning. Whichever one, hair loss isn't a wanted state of appearance for most people, especially for those who value their hair. Hair can be a big part of your identity

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