2024.1.16 | Hair Extension

What's The I-Tip Hair Extensions ?

Have you always dreamed of having long, Fuller hair? Microbead hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extensions in hair salons due to their simple, safe, and easy-to-adjust attachments. Among them, I-Tip extensions are highly acclaimed for thei

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2021.07.26 | Hair Extension

Lifespan Of Clip In、Tape In、Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Which of these hair extension options would you choose? Let us know about your experiences .

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2021.06.28 | Hair Extension

What's The Wefted Hair Extensions(Weaving)?

Wefted Hair Extensions are simply a curtain of hair used to layer into your own hair to add color, length and volume. Hair Extension Wefts are a perfect solution to achieve sought after red carpet celebrity

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