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2024.2.5 | Hair Topper

What are the differences between Bionic Single Silk Top, Swiss Lace Base, Mono Base and Silk Base?

In TopElles topper collection, there are four different base types for you to choose from, including Bionic Single Silk Top, Swiss Lace Base, Mono Base and Silk Base. Base material is one of the important factors that need to be taken into consideration w

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2024.1.10 | Hair Topper

How to Wash and Maintain Your Hair Toppers

To ensure your hair topper remains in top-notch condition and enjoys an extended lifespan, mastering the art of washing and maintenance is essential. C

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2024.1.8 | Hair Topper

3 Important Things Have to Know Before Purchasing a Hair Topper

Nowadays more and more ladies are experiencing Hair Loss or Thinning Hair Problem, which can negatively impact healthy daily living and overall quality of life.

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2021.12.25 | Hair Topper

3 Best Practices to Avoid Bio Hair Damage with a Topper

Toppers don't have to be uncomfortable or damaging to your bio hair. You may learn the hard way how to avoid that through with the below best practices.

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