2021.12.25 | Hair Topper

3 Best Practices to Avoid Bio Hair Damage with a Topper

Toppers don't have to be uncomfortable or damaging to your bio hair. You may learn the hard way how to avoid that through with the below best practices.

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2021.12.05 | Hair Topper

The Right Size Is The Basis For Selecting A Hair Topper

So how exactly should the head circumference be measured? There are many people in the process of trying on a wig will feel like wearing a wig after the head seems to have become larger, why would this problem arise?

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2021.10.13 | Hair Topper

The Benefits Of Wearing Hair Toppers

The hair toppers, AKA "The wiglets", have been widely applied by the ladies suffering from the hair loss or thinning hair problem in order to add the hair volume or cover up hair loss spots. Lots of hair loss suffers, who used to wear the full wigs, have

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2021.10.05 | Hair Topper

The Benefits Of Wearing A Custom Hair Toppers

When first entering the world of alternative hair, you must feel overwhelmed by the countless offer of different hair replacement solutions, base types, hair materials, and constructions. It seems that it can be very difficult to know where to begin with.

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