How to detangle a wig

2024.1.13 | Hair Wig

Wigs are our first choice when we have any hair problem or just want to change our hairstyle for a new look. Just like our real hair hair, we often encounter a dilemma when it comes to taking care of it — hair tangles.

Improper treatment may lead to massive hair loss and damage to the scalp. For our wig products, if you treat it rudely, the lifespan will be greatly reduced.

How to detangle a wig? You'd better have some necessary accessories. These are namely a hair brush, a comb, a steamer and a styling iron kit.  

The first step in detangling a wig is to secure it in a place where it can be kept in place without moving, preferably a mannequin head or wig stand. First you need to comb the wig with your fingers, otherwise the comb will aggravate the knots in the wig and cause it to be discarded. This process is a bit tedious and time-consuming, but it's also one of the best ways to knot your hair. Once you feel the knot with your fingers, you can easily untangle it with just a little bit of pressure. Less hair is lost in the process.

After the finger combing when most of the knots are disentangled, next step comes the application of the hair brush. The motion of the hair brush is quite a tricky one. You must apply short and smooth strokes on the wig and start from the hair ends and slowly work upwards to avoid further tangle. With this the wig will get a finer and clearer knot free texture for further treatment. 

Next comes the washing and spraying phase. Hair in wigs, if it is the natural kind, needs to be properly moisturized to get a smoother hairstyle. Loss of moisture and overuse is the cause of tangled hair. Wigs need to be washed well with conditioning shampoo and soft water. After that the hair needs to be blow dried to get a silky consistency.

After treatment, you can comb your wig hair with a large-toothed hairbrush and use ahair styling kit 

iron to curl or flat your hair without tangles. To avoid tangles, it is best to regularly comb your wig with a hair spray before and after using.

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