Make Your Wig Look Natural in Topelles

2021.07.12 | Hair Wig

Make Your Wig Look Natural in TOPELLES

Wearing a wig is perfectly normal, but you may not always want to advertise that you are. If you want to make your wig look just like natural hair, there are some great tips for styling your wig. At Wig Elegance we are happy to help you change your look up to feel more natural.

Natural-Looking Wig Options

From the build of the wig to the dye of the hair, some wigs are just more natural-looking than others. Lacefront wigs typically offer a more natural hairline that can be trimmed to fit you. L-part wigs come with a side part that gives you some real volume to the top of your wig.Wigs with varied colors in the hair strands tend to mimic natural hair more closely. The perfect lay of hair in a wig can seem unnatural, so messing up the hair a bit or trimming it can disrupt that out-of-the-box perfection.

Be Careful with Your Attachments

If you are using glue or tape to install your wig, be careful with how you apply it. If the glue eeks out from under your wig, it can create a noticeable crust along the hairline. Similarly, adhesive tapes may show along the edges if you are not careful.For sew-in and clip-in pieces, these rules apply as well. Any tracks, clips or tape showing as your natural hair grows out or due to improper styling is an instant red flag to those around you that this is not your natural hair.

Get Fitted Properly

The fit of a wig is extremely important. First and foremost, you want it to be comfortable. A wig that is too tight can also do damage to the scalp or underlying natural hair.More noticeably, a loose-fitting wig may shift around on your head. This can leave you with a crooked wig, which is often very noticeable by your part shifting to one side or the other. Occasionally the wig may move when you speak, which will be noticeable to those you interact with.

Worst of all, wigs can slip off if they are too big. While of course, this is an accident, losing your wig in public is sure to be an embarrassing experience you do not want to repeat.


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