The Benefits Of Wearing Hair Toppers

2021.10.13 | Hair Topper

The hair toppers, AKA "The wiglets", have been widely applied by the ladies suffering from the hair loss or thinning hair problem in order to add the hair volume or cover up hair loss spots.Lots of hair loss suffers, who used to wear the full wigs, have turned to wearing hair toppers, due to their special & unique benefits.

1.Comforts-Lightweight & Breathable
The hair toppers do look like miniature versions of wigs. They don't provide a full coverage as the full wigs do, which means they are more breathable and lightweight. So lots of ladies can wear these hair pieces during the hot and humid summertime. Usually the hair topper can be more comfortable to wear than the full wigs.  

2.Costs-Affordable Price
Most of full Human Hair Lace Wigs are very pricey. Due to the smaller base sizes, the human hair toppers' prices are more affordable, ranges from 200-300 $, usually one half of the full lace wigs.

3.Usability-Easy to Wear
Wearing a full lace wig cannot be a easy task for most people, since you need to put a wig cap and then style the wig to create the natural looking hair part and hairline, which can be time-consuming. However, it usually takes 3-5 minutes to put on a hair topper with the pressure sensitive clips installed.

4.Natural Appearance
The Hair toppers, designed to conceal hair loss at various stages and different areas of the scalp, usually do not cover the entire head. But they only blend into the existing hair to add hair volume and offer coverage. Therefore, the hair topper can provide a very natural looking easily.

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