The Merits of Mono Cap Compared to Lace Cap

2024.1.12 | Hair Wig

People who regularly use wig products may be familiar with Lace Wigs. In terms of cap structure, They are mainly divided into Front Lace Wigs and Full Lace Wigs. Lace Wig is a popular wig product since its good breathability. But now, Monofilament Wigs are also gradually becoming popular among the public.

So,what’s the difference between Monofilament Wig Cap and Lace Wig Cap?Lace and Monofilament are two different kinds wig cap.

The hole of Lace is bigger than Monofilament’s , that means the knots on Lace looks bigger than Monofilament’s. Monofilament Wigs will looks more access to scalp

Monofilament Wig Cap have many merits Compared to Lace Wig Cap .

The main difference between Lace Wig Cap and Monofilament Wig Cap is that the Lace Wig Cap requires some sort of glue or adhesive tape to secure it to your head.

Front Lace Wig Cap is glued in the front along the hair line, from ear to ear.

Full Lace Wig Cap is glued around the entire hair line.

Lace Wig is usually worn for an extended period of time without taking it off your head, even while sleeping.

Monofilament Wig is the conventional wig also known as Glueless Wig, does not require a glue or adhesive tape to secure it. The small monofilament area in the cap helps prevent itchiness to those with sensitive scalps; the material is thin gauze-like, almost transparent and is much more comfortable to the touch.

In conclusion, Monofilament Wig Cap is more natural and harder than Lace Wig Cap,  and close to real scalps, and more suitable for people with sensitive scalps. You can choose the suitable hair wig based on your needs and preferences.

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