The Right Size Is The Basis For Selecting A Hair Topper

2021.12.05 | Hair Topper

So how exactly should the head circumference be measured? There are many people in the process of trying on a wig will feel like wearing a wig after the head seems to have become larger, why would this problem arise?

In fact, there are many reasons, such as wig size is not suitable, wig hair too much, hair net to their own hair wrapped up after not rubbed evenly, etc.. One of the most basic is the size of the problem, as long as the size of the wig and their head size does not fit, how to wear will look big head. Then we will talk to you today about the wig head circumference size of things!

Generally speaking, when the head size of the wig is larger than your own head size, the hair on both sides cannot fit with your own scalp, and then the whole head set is also larger than your own head, so the whole head will look bigger.

If the wig size is small, the wig will not be able to wrap their head, it is easy to slip outward, in a clip fixed, although it will not fall, but the force of the slide outward will always tear the clip, and then it will tear their scalp. If the size is not much smaller, there will be some strangulation when you first wear it, and after a long time the wig's inner net is propped up a little looser, it will be just right.

circumference of the head

And in many people's perception, head circumference size is the length of the head around a circle size, in fact, the head circumference size measurement is much more rigorous. Head circumference size is technically divided into three dimensions: head circumference circumference, head circumference left and right depth and head circumference front and back depth.

The circumference of the head is the length of the circumference around the head starting from the forehead hairline position, passing over the ear, then to the back of the head depression, and finally back to the forehead hairline position.

Head circumference left and right depth is the length from the position of the top of one ear through the top of the head to the position of the top of the other ear.

Head circumference front and back depth is the length from the frontal hairline position through the top of the head to the back of the head at the root of the hair.

The combination of these three lengths is a serious head circumference figure.

Choose a wig according to size

We often see the head circumference is large or even size but the front and back and left and right is small size, like this size of the head circumference, spot wig basic can not wear, it is best to do the head custom wig.

There is also a often misleading thing, many people think that the wig size is not appropriate, adjust the back of the adjustment buckle can, in fact, in many cases adjust the buckle is completely useless. In the head size and wig size difference of more than 1 cm, the adjustment buckle is basically invalid, although the adjustment will indeed be tighter below, but will lead to the upper part of the inner network bulge up a large bag, very unnatural.

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