Topelles Full Lace Cap Construction FAQ

2021.11.08 | Hair Wig

A full lace cap construction is one of the most popular cap constructions on the market, and many wigs are made with this full lace cap base. Without assuming that every wig lover knows this type of cap base very well, this wigs article will help you to answer the most frequently asked questions.

What is a full lace cap construction?

Topelles full lace cap constructions are 100% hand-tied bases. With a full lace wig, you can part the hair anywhere. A full lace wig imitates most successfully the natural movement of real hair and can be worn in a variety of styles such as a high ponytail or up-do.

How is it made?

Each individual hair is hand-tied onto a lace base to create the most natural hair growth and provide a super soft fit.

Why is it so costly?

A full lace wig is more expensive than some other cap constructions because a full lace wig takes many days of work to make.

However, it is definitely a worthy investment considering these unique features:

• 100% Hand-Tied
• Allows a free hair parting anywhere
• Natural hair movement
• Can be worn in a high ponytail or updo with no weft showing in the back

We hope this article helped you to understand a bit more about full lace cap constructions and why they are great! 

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