What's The I-Tip Hair Extensions ?

2024.1.16 | Hair Extension

Have you always dreamed of having long, Fuller hair? Microbead hair extensions are one of the most popular hair extensions in hair salons due to their simple, safe, and easy-to-adjust attachments. Among them, I-Tip extensions are highly acclaimed for their no-heat, no-adhesive method, which allows you to enjoy thicker, longer hair without damaging your natural hair texture.

What's The I-Tip Hair Extensions ?

I-Tip Hair Extensions are microbead hair extensions that attach invisibly and securely to your natural hair, adding volume and length in a seamless, flawless way.Designed with non-slip, non-heated, glue-free fluted microbeads, I-Tip Hair Extensions attach quickly, easily, and securely to your natural hair without causing damage. 

I-Tip extensions come with a variety of benefits that just may fit in perfectly with your personal hair goals. 

1.Compact and discreet attachment

The I-Tip connecting beads are small, lightweight and colored to match the shade of your hair, making them comfortable to wear and able to blend in seamlessly. From sporting events to the dance floor, you don't have to worry about giving away the secret of your beautiful natural hair.

2.Heat-free and Glue-free application

While some hair extensions require heat or strong adhesives to hold them in place, I-Tip hair beads simply glide over the strand and are pressed down with high-quality new hair to attach to your natural hair. The beads are neatly flattened in place, holding the new hair together with your natural hair. When it is time to adjust the added hair as your natural hair grows, they can easily be moved up in place, without tearing out your hair. The beads are simply un-flattened to re-open, and moved up to the desired new position. When you have your extensions adjusted, you can even take out or add more hair, to adjust the level of thickness.

3.Long-lasting but semi-permanent

I-Tip hair extensions can last six to nine months before needing to be adjusted. This allows you to enjoy your hair extensions for a considerable period of time, and also allows you to easily adjust the length, color or thickness of your extensions. While you're enjoying your attractive and bouncy new hairstyle, you may feel that your hair is a little too thick, too thin, too short, or not long enough. Because I-Tip hair extensions are semi-permanent, you are free to change your mind and have them modified the next time you come to the salon for maintenance.

4.Perfect choice for thinner hair strands 

The lightweight nature of I-Tip microbeads means less stress on the natural hair fiber, which is better for the health of finer hair. For finer hair, adhesive-free methods are often preferred, as they are less likely to cause breakage or damage to natural hair fibers. Microbead hair extensions can therefore change everything, as some clients may find that they are unable to use other hair extension methods due to exceptionally thin hair.

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