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2024.1.8 | Hair Topper

3 Important Things Have to Know Before Purchasing a Hair Topper

Nowadays more and more ladies are experiencing Hair Loss or Thinning Hair Problem, which can negatively impact healthy daily living and overall quality of life.

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2021.12.25 | Hair Topper

3 Best Practices to Avoid Bio Hair Damage with a Topper

Toppers don't have to be uncomfortable or damaging to your bio hair. You may learn the hard way how to avoid that through with the below best practices.

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2021.12.16 | Hair Wig

Why People With Hair Loss Should Try Wigs or Hair Toppers

Hair loss can mean going completely bald, partially losing hair, or experiencing hair thinning. Whichever one, hair loss isn't a wanted state of appearance for most people, especially for those who value their hair. Hair can be a big part of your identity

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2021.12.05 | Hair Topper

The Right Size Is The Basis For Selecting A Hair Topper

So how exactly should the head circumference be measured? There are many people in the process of trying on a wig will feel like wearing a wig after the head seems to have become larger, why would this problem arise?

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